Nautical Sports


The quality of the water of the Balearic Islands allows you to enjoy the sea with endless activities adapted to all kinds of tastes and needs. The optimal temperature of the water invites you in a pleasant way to rest and disconnection. From Nautic Blue we are also prepared to offer an excellent service to those who want to experience sensations of extreme adrenaline. There are several complementary activities that will turn your holiday into an unparalleled and unrepeatable experience.

Ibiza is a paradise for lovers of sports and water activities, because it has several elements that make the island has a unique atmosphere and ideal for active water tourism.  The mild temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year, the crystal clear waters of its beaches, the great offer of water activities and have a professional and human team like Nautic Blue, will allow to you to live sensations never before experienced.

We have a wide range of activities and water sports to live funnies experience  in the islands, sport, adventure, adrenaline and connection to the sea. We recommend you live the experience of practicing:



Renting a seabob in Ibiza is the perfect experience if you are looking for an adventure full of surprises and luxurious novelties. The seabob will allow you to enter the depths of the crystal clear waters of Ibiza or enjoy the views of the island from sea level thanks to its super powerful water propeller. The strength of the seabob will lead you to unique places and allow you to dive like you never imagined. Seabob management is simple and requires no prior experience. It is a sports practice that has no age and can be practiced since the age of five so it is ideal for performing with family or friends. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most innovative and fun luxury nautical toys of recent times.



The Flyboard is the perfect sport for those above to experience the maximum adrenaline in Ibiza. The Flyboard is a board propelled above the water to a maximum height of 12 meters. The adrenaline runs through your body until the board rises and you can fly visualizing the island from a perspective has never seen before. The Flyboard in Ibiza is an ideal experience for adrenaline lovers who want to experience new sensations and like challenges. This sport consists of mastering the flight and staying in suspension, thanks to the propulsion offered by this nautical toy. The Flyboard in Ibiza requires balance, but you do not need a previous experience, just the desire to fly over Ibiza and discover your most extreme version.




Without a doubt, renting a jet ski in Ibiza is a unique experience for all our senses. When you take a jet ski tour in Ibiza you will feel a release of stress accompanied by a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. Accessing coves located in paradisaical places with your own jet ski in Ibiza are an experience you will never forget. Enjoy the hidden landscapes alone or with your family and friends that would be impossible to access to other boats or walking. We invite you to feel in your own skin the well-being that produces the release of adrenaline in the best coves of Ibiza. Renting a jet ski in Ibiza will help to tone the muscles of the arms, legs and abdomen. If you prefer, you can live this experience accompanied by a monitor that will allow for you to relax and enjoy the tour and feel safe with a professional of the nautical sector at your disposal.




Paddle Surf is a sport that has no age, does not require any specific feature of the tide or who practices it.   Paddle surfing is the perfect combination between physical activity and relaxation, because it is one of the few sports where all the muscles are worked aerobic and without impact. In addition, it’s a great way to relax, sunbathe and stay fit. One of the experiences that you should not miss is yoga practices on our paddle boards. Live the experience of yoga practices in Ibiza on the high seas, with the sun in August and the breeze caressing your skin is a feeling that you should live once in a life.




Wakeboard is a sports practice that resembles a combination of skiing and water snowboarding, where the goal is to slide across the surface of the sea on a board similar to snowboarding pulled by a rope tied to a motor boat. Wake is born from the passion of surfing with the idea of practicing a similar sport on days when the sea is calm. The wakeboard takes advantage of the wave that produces the boat’s drag. It is, therefore, that wakeboarding in Ibiza is very safe to get into water sports, where it is possible to perform a lot of jumps and acrobatics enjoying the adrenaline of the moment and the crystal clear waters of Ibiza.



The foil board is a sport that is generating a great demand in recent years do you dare to know the reason?  This water sport will allow you to feel that you are flying over the sea. The underwater wings of the foil push down against the water, pushing the board up and providing the feeling of surfing the waves that you would never think you could surf. The foil board provides unique sensations and from Nautic Blue we want to put at your disposal the feeling of flying over the sea, but feeling the waves of this. Get to know the island from a new perspective and let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and the unique sensations that will produce this new aquatic toy.



Snorkelling is a very safe and fun underwater sport, especially if you know where to snorkel in Ibiza, so that your experience is unmatched. This sport is performed on the surface and therefore no previous experience is necessary. The best thing to do snorkelling is to maintain a natural and relaxed breath to float on the crystal clear waters of the islands and enjoy the excellent flora and fauna. Dare to dive into the sea and practice snorkelling in Ibiza to praise your eyes with the impressive vastness of the seabed. Nautic Blue will recommend the best coves in Ibiza for snorkelling.



The water donut is an inflatable boat moored to a motor boat that allows you to enjoy the speed on the water individually or with friends and family. The donut will not only allow you to feel the speed of being hooked to a motorboat but it will make you feel the waves, the jumps and the curves that the boat itself is leaving. The aquatic donut is an ideal activity to perform with the whole family and enjoy Ibiza from a very fun and exciting prospect.