mantenimiento de barcos
mantenimiento de barcos


At Nautic Blue Yacht Paint & Management we specialise in comprehensive boat maintenance, mainly on medium and large motor yachts. We provide tailor-made services for each type of project and adapt to every client’s needs. We use high-quality materials, qualified professionals and all official services, always ensuring the best quality of service.

mantenimiento de barcos


Hull, deck, and superstructure painting and polishing.

Repairs in GRP, steel and wood.

mantenimiento de barcos


High-pressure cleaning with Karcher, anode  replacement, application of antifouling, shaft and propeller treatments, coatings.

We work with the best brands.

mantenimiento de barcos


Monthly maintenance and cleaning plans, steel polishing, teak maintenance, upholstery cleaning, laundry…

mantenimiento de barcos

Electricity and Electronics

Installation and repair of GPS-Plotter, VHF, radar and other navigation systems.

 Television, HIFI, home automation… Installation and repair of electrical equipment and systems, water treatment systems, air conditioning.

mantenimiento de barcos


Overhaul, maintenance and repair of engines, generators and hydraulic systems.

mantenimiento de barcos


Sale and overhaul of all security features on board.

Rafts, fixed and mobile fire extinguishing systems, radio beacons, pyrotechnics, life jackets, naval supplies…

mantenimiento de barcos


Exterior upholstery: awnings, hoods, biminis, solariums, mattresses, fender covers…

Interior upholstery: carpets, curtains, quilts, cushions…

mantenimiento de barcos


Exterior: Care, maintenance, repair and installation of teak decks.

Interior: Tailor-made furniture, modifications, floor sanding and varnishing …